Fantasy, Lore, & More: Shadows Of The Ambassadorial Halls

Followers Of The Light


What’s it about?

  • Elemental powers, steam-powered vigilantes, and court intrigue collide in this epic fantasy adventure.
  • Shadows Of The Ambassadorial Halls is a plot-driven fantasy with romantic elements.
  • Sihara reluctantly agrees to an arranged marriage with Sebastian to keep her father in power so he can put an end to a hundred years of war. As if that wasn't enough, Sihara and her childhood friend, Jaden, must work together to stop traitors from destroying the fragile alliance and plunging their nations into war.

What’s in this episode:

  • Amelia Nichole will transport us to her intricate fantasy world with an excerpt from Shadows Of The Ambassadorial Halls, and we’ll explore the complex political machinations at play.
  • We’ll find out if Sihara and Jaden can overcome deception and danger to protect the alliance.
  • We’ll discuss the journeys of these two reluctant allies as they’re drawn into a high-stakes fight for peace.
  • Join us for a sweeping saga filled with intrigue, unlikely heroes, and powers beyond imagining.

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